Businessman attempts to send coffin to LGE’s political secretary


A Penang businessman recently took the streets along with several representatives from NGOs in an attempt to send a coffin to Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s political secretary Ng Wei Aik.

Mohamed Ghani Abd Jiman, who is the deputy president of the Komtar Merchants Association, alleged Ng of planning to kick Ghani out of Komtar once the renovation work at Komtar’s third floor, where Ghani one of the traders, is completed.

A group of policemen managed to stop Ghani from sending a coffin to Ng’s house after the former staged a demonstration against Ng at Komtar Walk.

Ghani’s fellow supporters, who come from several Malay-Muslim NGOs, called for Guang Eng’s resignation and also called Ng a ‘coward’.

They were also chanting ‘Melayu Hidup’ (long live the Malays), while one of them said that the coffin is a sign of the consequences one needs to face if he or she betrays the Malay Muslim community.

“He can send me back ten coffins if he wants to, I would gladly accept it,” said Ghani, while revealing that he spent RM 2,000 on the coffins.

The small group of men traveled in a small lorry carrying the coffin, which was driven by Ghani himself, with posters decrying the Penang state leaders as ‘selfish’ people, while also carrying a 1Malaysia logo.

Ghani had earlier challenged Guan Eng to a fist-fight, and according to Ng, he is the only trader in Komtar’s third floor who has not complied with the directive to vacate the the floor for upgrading works.