Loyal employee unfairly treated


Radzuan Ismail, 54, whom had loyally served a Muar based company for the past 26 years was devastated when he was asked by his company to voluntarily resign.

He said, in 2006, he fell while working in a work site and sustained a very serious back injury. The hospital has given him 9 months of medical leave to allow him to recuperate.

When his employer heard about his serious back injury and the 9 months medical leave granted by the hospital, his employer then asked him to resign voluntarily. His employer has agreed to pay him compensation if he resigns voluntarily.

Radzuan noted that what his employer was about to compensate does not commensurate with his 26 years of service.

Due to much coaxing from his employer, he finally decided to resign and with the hope that his employer will revise and increase the compensated amount.

Several months after he resigned, he received a payment from the Social Security Organisation (PERKESO) amounting to RM44, 512.

Radzuan has already lost his source of income and has three school going children to support. He has a RM11, 000 loan to service and his house is about to be auctioned off.

He said that he has been trying out with a number of jobs over the years but could not stay long due to his recurring back injury pain.

Adding that, he still needs to visit the hospital to seek medical treatment every 6 months and has to bear all the medical expenses.

His wife is forced to work to help in the monthly family household expenses.

Radzuan said he did tried to apply for the ILAT pension scheme under SOCSO (PERKESO) but was rejected unless he agrees to refund the RM44, 512 compensation money paid to him back to SOCSO (PERKESO).

He is appealing to his ex-employer to consider compensating him with an amount that commensurate with his years of service to the company, which will help to lighten his family burden.