NGOs want woman in cat torture video prosecuted

About 10 animal activists gathered at the DAP National headquarters today to condemn the stand taken by DAP’s Serdang MP, Teo Nie Ching and state assemblyman, Ean Yong Hian Wah.

The activists claimed that both had leaped to the defence of Chow Xiao Wei, the woman filmed torturing kittens, by organising the press conference where she had revealed herself as the offender, and made a public apology for her deed.

The activists lambasted Teo and Yong for not pushing for the prosecution of Chow for her brutal violence on two kittens which was caught on video and circulated on Facebook.

“They were making her look like a victim by facilitating a press conference for her to confess and apologise,” said Malaysia Animal Welfare Association president, Shenaaz Khan.

The activists want Chow to be penalized immediately.

“There is a law in place in this country, we are not asking to hand the girl, but she must pay for her heinous crime,” Shenaaz said.

The activists arrived at the DAP headquarters on Jalan Yew at 11.30 am carrying placards.

They intended to submit a protest memorandum to DAP, but only to be  faced with a locked door.

“When I asked him why he is defending Chow, he said somehow the dead creature is just a cat,” said Rajes, who also claims that Yong had trivialised Chow’s crime.

The furious Rajes is now demanding for Yong to apologise and retract his statement.

The activists are urging the DAP central committee not to field Teo and Yong as candidates in the next general elections and take disciplinary action against them.

Teo: I cannot charge her

Teo (right), when contacted, said she does not have the authority to prosecute Chow as she is only a legislator.

She opined that Chow’s apology last Sunday should be seen as distinct from Chow’s legal position, and as two separate issues.

“Chow has already repented, but it is up to the court to decide whether or not she should be punished,” she said, adding that the converse is also known happen: “Some wrongdoers were punished in court, but they might not repent.”

She said that she and Ean Yong were merely helping Chow to organize the press conference.

“In fact, we did not make her look like a victim. It was the drastic action by a certain member of an NGO against her that led to to the public sympathy for her,” she said.

Teo said she had told Chow to be prepared to face the legal consequences prior to the press conference, but the latter had still wanted to apologise.

Yong, on the other hand, has not responded to Komunitikini’s calls at the time of writing.