Letter: Cruelty to animals reflects brutalised society

My powers of fanatical observation have led to the unearthing of an otherwise overlooked fact: most negative words begin with the alphabet ‘D’. Disgusting! Demonic! Deplorable! Debauchery! Dirty! Decadent! Diabolic!

But all of them still do not fully depict the devil that was unleashed upon Malaysians several days ago.

Donning a hat and armed with an umbrella, a demented youth detonated a series of deathly blows onto a harmless kitten. CCTV footage of the devilry showed the depraved individual repeatedly brutalising a helpless kitten to its inevitable death.

Despite this dreadful act being videotaped and widely disseminated, the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) is playing dumb. Other than a display of disdain, the DVS has asked that the ordinary folk of this land lend a helping hand in apprehending the despicable culprit.

The typical position of the dilatory DVS is to do as little as possible in diminishing animal cruelty in this country. Engaging in the drudgery of enforcing the law is viewed as a form of deviant behaviour by them.

So whilst the authorities decay in their administrative dungeons, we, the people, are duty-bound to catch this dung of society.

Amidst widespread condemnation of the detestable individual, there is deafening silence from the charmless wonder that is this nation’s leader. The hullabaloo and hoopla that surrounded his procurement of a disease-free kitten a year back brought about some hope for the animals in this country.

We were nonetheless deceived. Thousands of animals are still deserted, dissected, deformed and destroyed. It is likely that the self-proclaimed demagogue and his dame are far too busy denigrating and defrauding the country to give a damn.

The disgraceful truth is that this dastardly despotic government cares not for our animals. Its derelict principles afford us a glimpse into its manufactured sense of righteousness. Its catalogue of swindles and perversions bear little resemblance to its political assertions. Its worm ridden cabinet marks the dark destruction of humanity in this country.

And so a deranged criminal walks free and an innocent kitten lays dead.

Hence, if we wish to seek justice for the battered and the departed, then we must first rid ourselves of the architects of abuse. We must never forget that without the rebellion, the Battle of the Cowshed would not have been won.

If we do not fight cruelty and injustices such as these, then I despair that we will well be on the road to eternal damnation.

Shenaaz Khan is president of the Malaysian Animal Welfare Society.