Suspect in cat torture video to reveal self on Sunday

A chee cheong fun (rice roll) stall in Kampung Baru Serdang has denied that it employs the suspect seen to be torturing two kittens in a video that has surfaced on Facebook recently.

The stall owners claimed the suspect in the video “did not exist at the stall” when Komunitikini visited the stall yesterday evening.

However, one of the stall owners, who identified herself as Chin, said all would be explained in a few days.

“We are still unclear about what happened,” she said, referring to the video clip. “You will know the truth later,” she added cryptically.

Spotted by a neighbour

The suspect’s whereabouts became a hot Facebook discussion topic after a video depicting a plump youth flinging, kicking and trampling two kittens was posted recently.

Facebook users successfully hunted down who they think is the suspect two days ago, who bears a physical resemblance to the person in the video, and possesses the same clothes and cap worn by him or her (see, right).

A Facebook user yesterday urged the public to teach the suspect a lesson, and claimed that he or she works for the chee cheong fun stall in Kampung Baru Serdang.

During Komunitkini’s visit late yesterday, another person claimed to have seen the suspect before, but was hesitant to associate her with the chee cheong fun stall.

“Indeed there is a tomboy working in the stall, but I am not very sure whether she is the one,” said Siew, a staff of a Chinese medicine shop, when showed the picture of the suspect.

Some other shop and stall owners also appeared very reticent when approached by Komunitikini.

Suspect to apologise this Sunday

In a surprise development, Komunitikini was reliably informed that the suspect will step forward to identify himself or herself, and make a public apology this Sunday.

The source, who appears to know the suspect’s background, said the suspect, a girl, was raised in a troubled family whereby with a history of domestic violence by an abusive father.

“The family has problem, the girl has problem too. So I hope everybody will give her a second chance,” said the Serdang politician.

The politician said the girl is “very fragile” at the moment because of the unrelenting public condemnation of her deed on Facebook.