Errant lorry drivers damaging Taman Padi View road

Lorries carrying tons of sand and pebbles have been using residential roads of Taman Padi View, leaving residents fuming.

The lorries use the roads to access a construction site  located nearby, causing considerable damage to the roads and the surrounding area.

A temporary road was recently laid for the lorries to enter and exit the construction site but the drivers continue to use the Taman Padi View roads as a short-cut.

The residents have attempted to negotiate with the developers of the project under construction, but to no avail.

Apart from noise and air pollution, the residents are also exposed to the dangers posed by these heavy vehicles.

DAP Sabah deputy chairperson, Fred Fung, and secretary, Dr Edwin Bosi, recently visited the site to help the residents to talk to the lorry drivers. They hope that  the Penampang District Council will look into the issue and take necessary action.