Three bus companies selling their own tickets at BTS

Seventeen express bus operators have shifted their ticket sales to their own ticketing counters at the Bandar Tasik Selatan Terminal (TBS-BTS) starting yesterday.

Previously, the tickets were sold through the central ticketing system managed by the TBS-BTS management company.

KKKL Express, Sri Maju Express and Star Mart Express were among the 17 express bus operators, whom have moved into the 30 newly built ticketing booth allocated for companies with their own ticketing system.

With this move, tickets for the express buses which has their own counters will not be sold through the central ticketing system managed by the TBS-BTS.

An executive of the KKKL management, who declined to be named, said the shift was a reasonable option as the company had been using an e-ticketing system for three years.

“Of course we prefer to sell tickets ourselves rather than letting others to impose surcharges to sell for us,” she added.

The express bus operators, whom have started occupying the ticketing booths also raised their concern on the rental of the premise, which is yet to be announced.

“I think they are going to charge us soon, for now it’s still free,” said Lim, the ticketing clerk of Sri Maju Express, who also said that there is a sales boost since moving in from Bukit Jalil Terminal.

“Our sales has increased considerably since we came here,” she said.

Travelers, on the other hand, gave a thumbs-up for the service provided by the management of the terminal.

“I think the staffs are very helpful in guiding us. I am very satisfied,” said Hakimi Md Zaki (right, striped shirt), a student who visited the terminal today.

Yesterday, it was reported that all 56 south-bound bus operators have moved to the terminal from the temporary facility in Bukit Jalil.

Earlier last week, the operators were warned that they must move by March 1 or face actions from Land Public Transport Commission, police and JPJ.