Morad: 1 Malaysia understood by most Malaysians

Information Department director-general Abdullah Morad today claimed that 85 per cent of Malaysians understands the 1 Malaysia People First, Performance Now concept.

Speaking at a reception in conjunction with a two-day briefing session for 100 information officers from throughout Sarawak, he was confident that the department would become a one-stop information gateway through its Pusat Maklumat Rakyat website, which now garnered seven million hits.

Abdullah also called on the officers to improve their expertise in the fields of public relations, psychological warfare, issue management, art and visual, event management and managing the elections.

This year, he said, the department would carry out transformation with new programmes being introduced such as strategic information policy, information data bank, research and cyber media, mastering the English language, and a new set of guidelines on the use of the public address system.

– Bernama