Poisonous chemical from gold miners contaminating Raub waters

The fatal case of a number of livestocks in Bukit Koman, near Raub two weeks ago has prompted DAP leaders to step up and demand the authorities to bar gold mining company- Raub Australian Gold Mining, from using poisonous chemicals.

The chemical, dubbed as Cyanide, was used by the gold miner company Raub Australian Sdn Bhd to extract gold from other rocks and was believed to be the cause of the livestock’s fatality.

Teratai assemblyperson Jenice Lee, who visited the site recently, claimed that the livestock, which include ducks and hens, died after consuming water contaminated by Cyanide.

Komunitikini was told that the gold mining activities, which started in 2006, has posed health hazards to Bukit Koman residents, who have become vulnerable to illnesses such as headaches, skin allergies, breathing difficulties and even coma.

Lee, who based in Selangor, is worried that the polluted water might go as far as to Selangor and Kuala Lumpur as the Pahang state government has agreed to sell water to Selangor government.

“Besides, if a flood struck Raub and caused the chemical substances contained in the mining site to overflow, all surrounding rivers such as Sg Gali, Sg Dong and Sg Ruyung will be polluted. Hundreds of people might then be consuming poisonous waters,” she said, adding that a dam that supplies water to Klang Valley dwellers is close to Raub too.

She, therefore, called on the Pahang state government to consider revoking the mining license granted to Raub Australian, as the excessive use of Cyanide has proved to disturb the residents and their livestocks.

Meanwhile, Pahang DAP vice chairman Tengku Zulpuri Shah said the use of Cyanice in extracting gold, though being the easiest and profitable option, has already been abandoned in many countries.

“Actually Raub Australian can adopt a different technology which doesn’t involve Cyanide to increase productivity and safety of its mining process. Unfortunately they chose to be irresponsible towards human life for profits,” he said.

Tengku Zulpuri hope that the Malay villagers who attended the event last week could spread word-of-mouth on the danger of Cyanide.

The event was also attended by Tras Pahang assemblyperson Choong Siew Onn and Chinese villagers.