DBKL confiscate tables from famous Bangsar restaurant

A batch of Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) officers today confiscated tables and chairs worth up to RM 800 from a popular restaurant located at Jalan Kemuja, Bangsar.

The officers, who were doing their regular rounds in the area right behind the Bangsar UOA Building, grabbed the tables and chairs at around 1.15 pm presumably because they were located outside the restaurant compounds and stretched beyond the walking pavement.

The officers however did not answer any queries posed by the restaurant workers.

The eatery’s owner, who refused to be identified, said that incident occured during the peak lunch hour and thus the workers were pre-occupied and couldn’t pay attention to the acts of the DBKL officers.

Eyewitnesses and frequenters claim that it has been regular practice for the restaurant to have tables beyond the pavement and could not comprehend why the officers deemed fit to carry out the act today.

“The tables were empty today as the sun was scorching, with most people seated inside. If there were people sitting on the tables, they would not disturb,” explained the shop owner.

Komunitikini surveyed the area and found that there are at least two stalls with illegal permanent structures located right opposite the restaurant, with both the structures being built on a walking pavement along a local school here.

The DBKL officers however had not taken any action against the stall owners to date.

The officers are regularly seen issuing summons for cars parked along the shoulder of the school and other lanes, as parking woes in the area are something of a common knowledge.

Some officer workers around the area walk more than a kilometre to reach their offices daily after parking their cars in a quiet residential area.

However, there are still considerable amount of cars parked among the shoulder of the road, and when queried by Komunitikini, many of the drivers say they have gotten ‘used’ to the summoning.