Cash deposit machine woe

A businessman has claimed that the cash he deposited into his wife’s account through a cash depositing machine of a bank?here last year was reduced by RM1,360.

Ooi Kuan Lai, 41, claimed that he deposited RM4,555 on Nov 25 last year but?the statement issued by the bank dated Dec 15 showed the amount was only?RM3,195.

He said when depositing the money there were 20 pieces of RM5 notes?included.

“However during the deposit transaction the RM5 notes were not accepted by?the machine and were stuck and I tried to pull out the notes but only nine?pieces could be retrieved, the remaining 11 pieces were ‘swallowed’ by the?machine.

“I later lodged a complaint at the counter of the bank and also filled up?the complaint form,” Ooi told reporters here today.

He was puzzled how the money was reduced and suspected there was a technical?error or the money was misappropriated and he made a police report at the Alor?Setar police station on Jan 14.

After that Ooi said he received another account statement dated Jan 31?stating that the bank had deposited RM405 on Jan 26, but was still short of?RM955.

He hoped that the bank would settle the balance of the cash.

Meanwhile, Kedah MCA Youth secretary Loh Eng Chong also hoped that the?bank’s management would investigate for fear that there might be an act of?misuse of cash by the staff of the bank concerned.

– Bernama