Walkathon to raise RM500,000 for kidney patients

A four-kilometer walkathon to be organised in Johor Bahru on March 6 is expected to raise RM 500,000.

The walkathon will be organised by the Rotary Club of Johor Bahru, and proceeds will go to the club’s hemodialysis centre and also the Johor Bahru Palliative care centre.

The walkathon is expected to attract about 300 participants, said organising chairman, Freddie Loong Hoo Hin, during a press conference at the Johor Bahru Rotary Club’s office.

Johor Bahru Rotary Club haemodialysis centre chairman, Ng Swee Poh, said that the centre started its service since 1991.

He revealed that the centre is in need of funding to reduce the financial burden of treatment for the patients.

Currently, the centre charges RM60 for a dose of EPO (erythropoietin) per patient.

Patients seeking hemodialysis treatment generally require six to eight doses of EPO per month.

Johor Bahru Palliative Care Centre’s medical officer, Dr Gavri Devi Arasu, said the number of patients at the palliative care center has been increasing over the past year, which has resulted in higher operational expenses.

The bulk of expenses are spent on medical employees’ salaries, travel expenses, allowances, medical equipment, supplies and training.

The walkathon will start at 8am on March 6 at Dataran Bandaraya in Johor Bahru.