All-girl team blaze through street dance battle

It was a case of underdog triumphing when all girl crew Soul Krazy were crowned champion of the 2010 Astro’s Battleground street dance competition final held at Sunway Giza recently.

Just hour before lifting the trophy, the five-girl crew was starring at a very possibility of being eliminated after being awarded the second lowest points group among four competing teams.

They have to go into do-or-die playoff with Max Identity, another lowest scoring group, where the loser will be eliminated.

Soul Krazy unleashed their talents the moment they entered the battleground. Their energetic choreography has outshined Max Identity. It finally earned them a play-off nod from five-panel judges.

They then went on to meet with Floor Fever, whose members include a judge of 2009 edition Battleground, to compete on waacking, breaking and popping.

One of the Floor Fever members have the audiences gaping when he did a one hand balancing to provoke Soul Krazy, but it was the latter that maintained their perfect team routes with sexy twist that helped to secure a place for the champion showdown.

By the time Soul Krazy took to the stage for final showdown with the highest scoring team Mr J, they were about to have their third consecutive showdown, in stark contrast with Dynamix, whose members have the luxury time to watch the drama unfold while they took rest backstage.

However Soul Krazy surprised all by carrying their momentum directly into the final, never compromising on their in-tandem teamwork and provocative lady flouncing.

Dynamix, on the other hand, remained calm in choreographing locking and house dances.

The five judges for the first time in the competition’s history voted unanimously for Soul Krazy to be crowned champion.

Later, Soul Krazy team leader Lee Yen Yen admitted that it is indeed an uphill task for an all-girl group to win the tournament.

“However, I’m glad that our preparations for the battles have finally bore fruits,” she said, recounting the three daunting battles they went through tonight.

Lee said their enthusiasm and passion might have moved the judges to vote for them.

“Even during the final battle, we were more energetic than Dynamix,” she said.

The group bagged RM26,000 cash prize while the runner-up was awarded RM11,000. The competition was hosted by Mei Yan and Serena C and telecasted live through Astro Wah Lai Toi channel.