Leukemia boy appeals for public donations

He was an active child that never seemed drained out of energy, but a high fever three months ago changed his life forever.

Five-year-old Pavan Subramaniam was diagnosed with leukemia last September after being admitted to hospital due to fever.

He has since then been bedridden and has been undergoing treatments at the Sime Darby Medical Centre.

His parents were told that the boy must undergo a bone marrow transplant surgery immediately, or he will risk losing his life anytime soon.

However, the surgery costs about RM200,000, an amount the parents could not afford.

Hence, MIC youth is appealing for well wishers to donate generously in a fund specially setup for the unfortunate boy.

Its chief T. Mohan also advised pregnant women to store their cord blood through private agencies after giving birth, as this will be helpful for a bone marrow transplant operation if their family members are stricken with diseases.

Donations can be made through cheque, bank draft and postal money named to “Tabung Pavan” and sent to Pergerakan Pemuda MIC Kebangsaan, Biro Sosial & Kebajikan: Untuk Perhatian Cik Hema, No: 12, Jalan PBP 5, Taman Industri, Pusat Bandar Puchong. 47100 Puchong, Selangor. (Tel: 03-5882 3060)