Bandar Embara Budi, Lahad Datu on croc alert

Felda Sahabat has been put on crocodile alert since yesterday after the authorities put up a crocodile warning signage near a ditch.

Stall operator Shahlan Shah, 23, (right) said he was aware that there is indeed a crocodile that lives in the ditch near Bandar Embara Budi,Felda Sahabat, Lahat Datu.

“There is a crocodile, about three metres long. I always see the crocodile soaking up the sun at the sandy area there,” said Shahlan, who doesn’t really know how the crocodile ended up there.

Another resident, Aizuddin, 18, (below) said that he did not believe when one of his friends told him there was a crocodile in the ditch until he saw the crocodile himself the next day.

“I was in the bus returning from school. I saw the crocodile. But only one,” he explained.

So far there is no injuries or casualties reported because of the crocodile.