Intermittent electricity reaches an end at Malacca condo-hotel

Irregular electricity supplies that were haunting the Malacca Riviera Bay Condominium (RBC) residents for the past three months is likely to end following a promise made by the hotel management.

The hotel management, who are responsible for disconnecting the electricity supply of over 200 households, has pledged to restore the supply immediately during a meeting chaired by the State Legal Advisor last Friday, which was also attended by Commissioner of Building and RBC residents.

“From now on, we will only cut off (electricity of) those who never pay (the bill),” hotel manager representative Ng Kong Peng was quoted as saying during the meeting.

The event also saw RBC’s joint management body (JMB), whose members are the unit owners, being granted the license to distribute utilities bills.

This means that the joint-management committee, that was recently declared as rightful representative of JMB by the Court of Appeal, will have a say on utility affairs from now on.

However, the committee member and unit owners’ association chairlady Chua Sock Lan is skeptical about the sincerity of the hotel management.

She alleged that in spite of payment receipts being shown and Tenaga Nasional Berhad issuing letters to hotel management, the latter still cut off their electricity on September 29, October 30 and November 29 respectively.

“We hope they will honour their words this time,” she said, adding that no written document accompanied the hotel management’s statement.


She said a meeting with hotel management will be held tomorrow to verify the bill accounts from the two parties.

The 550 unit condo-hotel at Tanjung Kling was fraught with controversies following an acquisition of the hotel units by Prestaharta in 2006.

The new owner had a dispute with JMC over the jurisdiction of common areas and was alleged to have evicted the JMC from its office early this year.

JMC and hotel management then filed lawsuits against each other. In September, the latter disconnected the electricity of 92 households whose owners refused to pay them management fees.

However, Chua’s JMC was declared the legitimate representative of JMB on October 15.

The committee members had resumed office on the following day.

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