‘Our country is ruled by ‘square’ individuals’

The current day youths should not just follow a style because of its popularity, but should understand the substance behind each trend and try something new themselves, said famous blogger Hishamuddin Rais.

Speaking during a roadside chat session at a special youth program in Kluang, Johor recently, Hishamuddin said that many youths do not know the ideology behind the brands they wear- let it be Gucci, Versace, or trends such as hippies and punk.

“We have a habit here, the habit of being lazy to read,” he said.

The former ISA detainee was speaking to a group of youths gathered behind the Kluang Parade mall for the program ‘Daerah Tanpa Tie’ which was organized by Kelab Belia Aktif dan Berfaedah (KAFF).

“There is an ideology, a political statement behind every trend or brand, so youths should learn about these ideologies before following that style or trend,” he said.

He also added that style is very essential for current day youths as it represents their identity.

When quizzed by a youth as to why dressing codes are so important in Malaysia, Hishamuddin retorted that the country is ruled by individuals with ‘skema’ or ‘square’ mentality, while claiming that the most inventive individuals in the world did not have dressing codes.

“People who created the internet do not have uniforms. Sometimes they are even naked when they work from home, but the world is influenced by them. Bill Gates never wore a tie, and even Richard Branson presents himself as cool,” he said.

The program was intended to bring together youths who are interested or indulged in arts or other creative fields but are somehow alienated from the society.

“We want to encourage these youths to mingle around more and give them more spotlight and social activity,” said Fadlijh Jamek, the program’s supervisor.

The program began at 3pm and ended at midnight that day, where participants were treated to a film screening, Vespa exhibition, along with musical, skateboarding and graffiti performances.

Hishamuddin’s roadside chat slot, which began at 8.30 pm, was hosted by theatre activist Nur Fazleena Hishamuddin.

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