Jail and fine for police officer

A police officer was sentenced to six months jail and fined RM45,000 by the Kota Tinggi Sessions Court on Oct 28 after being found guilty of committing graft, according the the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.

In a statemen here today, the commission said ASP Aziz Abdul Latif, from the Mersing police headquarters, had on Feb 16, 2004 solicited a RM4,000 bribe from Tai Lok Uie to release one Lee Chuen Aun, who had been arrested by police, on police bail.

On Feb 14, ASP Aziz had also received a RM5,000 bribe from Lee for the same purpose.

The statement said for the first offence, the court sentenced the accused to six months jail and RM25,000 fine while for the second, six months jail and RM20,000 fine.

The jail sentences were to run concurrenty but the court allowed a stay of the sentences pending appeal, the statement added.