Solution for Rawang TNB tower in two weeks

Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim yesterday promised that a solution to Rawang Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) high-tension tower project will be tabled in two weeks time.

He told a Chinese press that only two routes are applicable to construct the 275kv high-tension tower, which is the one proposed by TNB that enters Kg Sungai Terentang Village and another one that pass through Rawang Perdana Industrial Park.

He added that he has ordered the State Planning Committee (SPC) to study the two routes and present a report to him.

It was also understood that TNB was called to brief the issue to SPC yesterday morning.

The long-time standoff between TNB and Kg Sungai Terentang again brought into media limelight as TNB’s workers embarked a sudden commencement of the project on October 7, which was impeded by the villagers.

This prompted a fracas and three persons including brother of Rawang assemblyperson Gan Pei Nee were arrested until October 9.

Komunitkini highlighted the existence of a TNB reserve plot in Rawang Perdana in June, when Gan urged Selangor government to pressure TNB for a reroute of the project.