MPSJ tables new crematorium in Puchong

MPSJ tables new crematorium in Puchong

Subang Jaya Municipal Council president Adnan Mohd Ikhsan today announced that the a crematorium will be built at Batu 14, Puchong adjoining an existing Hindu graveyard.

He said the crematorium, which was demanded by non-Muslim, will be facilitated with two cremator machines, car-park, washrooms and administration office.

He added that the RM1.2 million project is now undergoing a feasibility study to draft the shape of the building.

“We are seeking technical advice from industry’s experts so that the building can accommodate the crematory machines and tools nicely,” he said.

He said once the project is completed, the crematorium management will decide to either privatize the establishment or hand it back to MPSJ.

The proposed budget breakdown of the project indicates that RM500,000 will be used for building structure and consultancy fees, while cremator machines and (TNB) application fees cost RM650,000 and RM50,000 respectively.

MPSJ councillor for JKP zone 17 Stephen Chin Sou Bong admitted that building the crematorium is more expensive than what the council had previously thought.

“We allocated RM350,000 in this year’s budget for this project, but we soon realized that it is not enough as the machines alone cost us a lot,” he said.

He added that as the proposed site was gazetted as a burial ground reserved by the district land office, the priority now is to declare it as a crematorium site and subsequently seal it.

It was reported that Adnan and another councillor K. Arumugam had a heated exchange regarding allocations for the crematorium during a budget meeting recently, as the former walked out after Arumugam’s intense lobbying for a higher budget to the project.

Arumugam, when contacted, lauded the council for finally approving a RM1.2 million allocation.

“As a township with growing population, I’m glad that Subang folks will finally have their first crematorium facility,” he said.