Report lodged against DBKL over Batu Estate eviction

The residents of the former Batu Estate have lodged a police report on Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) and private developer, Mayland for possible corruption on the Batu Estate debacle.

The report was lodged yesterday morning at the Sentul police station, questioning DBKL’s intervention in a land that is owned by a private developer, Mayland.

According to the residents, DBKL had posted the eviction notices on the homes of the residents, which stated that the homes would be subject to demolition on October 13, 2010.

The residents are currently embroiled in a court proceeding, where they are seeking a proper compensation before giving way for Mayland to carry on with their condominium development at the location.

The next court hearing is scheduled on October 19.

The former Batu Estate workers had in 1978 entered into a tripartite agreement with Semantan Estate and Sri Hartamas Properties when the latter acquired the land from Semantan Estate.

According to the agreement, Sri Hartamas had promised to build low cost houses for the former estate workers on the very land it planned to develop.

The company have since formed a merger with a Hong Kong-based company, and after another merger bout, the land is currently under the ownership of Mayland.

According to the residents, Mayland however are denying being aware of the tripartite agreement, and are only willing to pay monetary compensation.

Following further negotiation, the residents are now being offered PPR flats with monetary compensation instead of the promised low cost houses.

They are now disgruntled with the treatment feted out even though a High Court order had in 2004 declared that the residents are not squatters as previously alleged by the company.

An injunction had also been filed in court previously, which means that no demolition should take place until the court had delivered the verdict for the case.

Meanwhile, several residents of the former Batu Estate had also been coaxed to accept their compensation offers without referring to their lawyer proper. Subsequently the house belonging to them has been demolished.

The residents are also displeased with what they perceive as an intimidation tactic employed by the developers.

Recently the developer had dug a trench across access road to the former estate, which is now clogged with rainwater.

On Sept 23, the residents staged a peaceful picket near the Jalan Kuching roundabout, demanding Mayland to stop harassing them.

The residents have already filed two police reports prior to this regarding the alleged intimidating behavior by the agents and workers of Mayland.

The current tension regarding the issue suggests that all is not settled in spite of mainstream reports surfacing early this year that a settlement fee has been reached upon.

In January, Deputy Minister for Federal Territories and Urban Wellbeing  M.Saravanan had announced a compensation package of RM 30,000 for the former estate workers and RM 10,000 for the squatters who have moved in since then.

It is understood by KomunitiKini that a majority of the former estate workers have not accepted the said compensation package.

The residents have also expressed their dismay that Saravanan had conducted meeting regarding the issue at DBKL without informing the residents proper.

It had been reported previously that the residents have attended the meetings that Saravanan had arranged, while they currently claim most of them were absent as they were not notified of the meeting.

According to the residents, even their lawyer was absent during the meeting that was held by Saravanan.

A press conference has been scheduled by the residents later today pertaining to this issue.

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