Family of accident victim left in lurch

It’s heart wrenching to watch Sarawathy Tanabalu repeatedly calling her husband, Pugal Nathan Ramelu with hope that he will slip out of the coma.

This has become a routine for Sarawathy for the past five months, the amount of time it has been since Pugal succumbed into a coma after a road accident.

On April 3 earlier this year, Pugal was the victim of a hit-and-run accident that occurred at Subang Jaya, which has left the night-shift staff of Alam Flora with a badly injured left brain.

The father of two was then travelling on his motorbike after leaving work early so that he can attend his elder son Vinod Pugal Nathan’s school sports tournament.

“Vinod could not believe his dad had been admitted to hospital when I told him so. He insisted to wait for his dad to come back and bring him to school,” Sarawathy said.

The 10-year-old son still does not know what had happen to his father. All he knows is to pray for his father in wish that he will wake up and play with him again.

The injury attained by Pugal had forced the doctor to remove a part of his scalp.

However, the offender in the accident remains unknown till today.

The family is now left in a lurch, as Pugal was the sole breadwinner for the family prior to the accident.

“We have been married for ten years and suddenly he is struck by an accident. Ireally don’t know what to do now,” Sarawathy said.

“Every week we have to bring him for medical treatment that costs us RM412 a trip. Besides, he still has to undergo another operation,” she added.

The family is depending on donations from neighbours and relatives at the moment to cover their expenses at the moment.

However, Sarawathy could not to tell how long the hardship will persist as the youngest son is just ten-months old and Pugal apparently isn’t showing any signs of cognitive recovery.

MIC youth has set up a special fund for Pugal’s family. They are now appealing for well-wishers to contribute to help cover Pugal’s medical cost and his family expenses.

Donations can be made to Alliance Bank through the account number of 120880020090696 or contact MIC Youth at 03- 4043 1111 or Sarawathy at 016 266 3474.