Ukay Bistari purchasers form vote-bloc in call political action

Disgruntled purchasers of the abandoned Ukay Bistari housing project are making a public call to both the federal government and the opposition to aid in mobilising the project again and completing it.

Some 2000 purchasers are tendering both their and also their spouses’ ballots, which would mean that either party will receive 4000 en-bloc votes should they be able to revive the “problematic” project.

Located at Hulu Klang, Ukay Bistari was launched by Damai Bistari Sdn Bhd in 2003 consisting of low-cost apartments, service apartments, shops and office lots.

However, the project was later halted in 2005 due to the developer’s financial difficulties.  Purchasers are now left in lurch although both BN and Pakatan have pledged to revive the project.

“Both sides have been giving us empty promises. Azmin Ali (PKR Bukit Antarabangsa assemblyman) never replied to our calls and emails while state exco for housing Iskandar Abdul Samad is inefficient,”

“On the other hand, the Ministry of Housing never exercised their power under the act 118 to protect the purchasers,” said Ukay Bistari Home Owners (PHUKB) chairperson Dr Mohamed Rafick Khan Abdul Rahman.

He also noted that should the purchasers mobilize all their family members, the amount of votes at stake could be up to 20,000.

The amount of ballots at stake could potentially change the political landscape in Gombak, Ampang and Bukit Antarabangsa.

During 2008 election, PKR’s Mohamed Azmin Ali won the Gombak parliamentary seat and the Bukit Antarabangsa state constituency by 6867 and 1381 majorities respectively, while his comrade Zuraida Kamarudin took over the Ampang parliamentary seat by a 1381 majority.

He added that PHUKB is going to put up a banner to advertise the “tender” at Middle Ring Road 2 after Hari Raya.

Soon after the 2008 elections, Pakatan state government set up a task force where seven contractors were roped in to facilitate the completion of Ukay Bistari.

However, Mohd Rafick claimed that the contractors are now crawling with cash flow as the Ukay Bistari did not perform its part to pay them.

He believed the developer, as a subsidiary company link to Talam Corporation, does have financial muscle to fund the contractors.

“Moreover, Talam had signed a deal with Selangor state-owned MB Incorporated, where the latter is empowered to auction all the Talam’s lands,” he alleged.

“Hence, we are asking the state to use the term to pressure Talam to pay the contractors.”

He stressed that the political stakeholders just need to improve the contractors’ liquidity to complete the project, while alleging that the developer is attempting to delay the project to 2012.

The Ukay Bistari project will reach its statute limit in 2012, whereby the developers will no longer be entitled to compensate the purchasers for late delivery of promised development.