Serdang OCPD denies police assault on Chinese students

Serdang OCPD Abdul Razak Elias yesterday denied allegations that his officers assaulted four students from China while in custody. He claimed that they were injured before they were detained at the Puchong police station.

The four  – Zhang Yang, Shi Yang, Chen Ji and Liu Jun Jie – were arrested after a fight with locals after attending a Hungry Ghost Festival dinner at Pusat Bandar Puchong on Sunday.

Abdul Razak however stressed that the investigation is still ongoing and he will uphold the justice.

“I won’t be partial to either side,” he said to Komunitikini.

Razak (center)

The police force is again in the limelight for the wrong reasons after Helen Zhang, alleged that a police officer bashed up her son Zhang Yang and another student, Shi Yang after they were arrested and detained at the Puchong police station on August 16.

“My son was punched on the face and leg,”

She also claimed the police refused to Chen Ji, who was sporting a bloodied head, to be admitted to hospital.


The incident sparked an outcry among the Chinese students community. There was talk of a planned demonstration in front of the police station and to submit a memorandum to Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein yesterday.

Both events failed to materialize, although 10 students visited the police station to enquire about the status of their friends.

One among the 10 commented that the university had reminded them not to sensationalise the issue.

Zhang decried the school’s order as “inconsiderate”.

“At least the school should come forward to help its students, not bar them from visiting their friends,” she said.

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