MPSJ councillor to be investigated for misconduct

The MPSJ council has agreed to proceed with an investigation of a councillor, who stands accused of obstructing MPSJ officers from carrying out an enforcement operation.

The decision was made during the council’s monthly full board recently. The name of the councillor was not disclosed. The council’s audit committee will undertake the investigation, the matter will be relayed to the state government for action.

Council president Adnan Ikhsan said the suspect councillor has not been proven guilty.

“We just approved to proceed the investigation. I do not wish to speculate anything yet,”

MPSJ brought to court

Two developers who were accused of building illegal structures at Jalan SK 6/1 have brought MPSJ to court.

According to Adnan, Good Preferences and Viva Paramount Development had constructed 13 shoplots and one foodcourt on two plots of land owned by MPSJ without council consent.

“We took action against them when their buildings were nearly completed. After several discussions, MPSJ decided to take over their buildings, in return we had compensated them with RM200,000 last year,”

“They agreed with it initially. I have no idea why do they pull out the issue again,”

Gambling licenses

Meanwhile MPSJ agreed to follow state government instructions to not granting new lottery license and avoids granting such licenses to premise in Muslim-majority areas.

This comes after some Muslims were spotted to patronize the lottery shop, an act deemed foul under Syariah Law.