Sexual confusion can be deliciously hilarious

In possibly the funniest play you’ll see this year, Mike Bartlett’s Cock is as provocative as its title suggests. Comedic simulated sex and an unusual love triangle make this a must-watch if you like your theatre served sharp with a serving of wit.

The story: John (Iedil Putra Alaudin) finds himself torn between his long-time gay partner (Jon Chew) and the new woman (Hana Mazlan) he meets in a cafe. Throw in a meddlesome parent (whose it is I won’t tell, would spoil the surprise) and you have the potential for one heck of a farce.

Despite no props and minimal staging, Cock keeps you entertained throughout with witty banter. But as the tone gets more serious towards the end, the audience might find what seemed to be a comedy suddenly turn dramatic. So come in and expect a play that is more than just a jolly romp that pokes fun at sexual stereotypes.

Iedil Putra does well as the charming, confused but indubitably spineless John. His waffling between his two lovers and his penchant for deception makes his character rather more than a cardboard cutout. John may act simple but underneath his fumbling and awkwardness, he is complex. Much kudos goes to Iedil for a nuanced performance.

You don’t feel as much for John as you do for his hapless partners who keep trying to force the final ultimatum: who does he want to be with? Jon Chew and Hana Mazlan are well-cast in their roles, with good comedic timing and enough range to carry off both the funny and serious moments.

If you want to find out who ‘wins’, watch Cock. It’s not a show for children, so leave the kiddies at home but bring along your sense of humor.

Details of the show are as follows:

Venue: Actors Studio Lot 10

Date & Time
20th – 25th July 2010 at 8.30pm
24th – 25th July 2010 at 3pm

Ticket Price
RM35 (adults) or RM23 (students & the disabled) (Note: For mature audiences)

Opening Night Special (20th July 2010, 8:30pm): RM23 flat rate for all tickets.
Saturday Matinée Special (24th July 2010, 3:00pm): RM23 flat rate for all tickets.

Box office
Call or Walk In – The Actors Studio @ Lot 10 (03 2142 2009 / 2143 2009)
Call or Walk In – klpac @ Sentul Park (03 4047 9000)
Walk In only – Axcess @ main office (Jln. Semangat), 1-Utama & Alamanda Putrajaya
Online purchase –
Website: /