Fighting for a cause the right way

live and inspireThe Starbucks Live & Inspire series has come to the end of its second season with an inspiring talk by Muhammad Zhariff Afandi last Thursday on the topic of ‘Giving a hand, with a foot’.

Zhariff Afandi who had both of his arms amputated at the shoulders has not let his physical limitations dampen his spirit as he continues to show humanitarian efforts that would put most of us able-bodied people to shame.

He has organised a volunteer program in Indonesia when the tsunami hit Acheh in 2004 collaborating with a local Indonesian NGO Gemma 9, Mercy Malaysia,Women’s Institute for Research Development (Wirda) and the Royal Malaysian Army.

He did not stop there as he went on to assist in Burma after it was struck by Cyclone Nagris. Later he was active in breast cancer awareness as PRIDE (Pink Ribbon Deeds) Foundation’s head of business development and is currently managing public relations and program development with Denai Alam Riding and Recreation Club.

Unlike the many advocates with disabilities in this country, Zhariff does not use it as a selling point to win pity and support. Instead he shows that willpower is beyond physical limitations.

As an advocate tackling issues beyond his condition by fighting for bigger and more pressing causes, he indirectly helps the disabled rights awareness cause and public perception of the disabled as opposed to those directly devoting all their time advocating for disabled rights.

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