10,318 dengue cases reported in Selangor

10,318 cases of dengue were reported in Selangor since January with Kajang reporting the most cases, totalling 1,930.

Selangor state executive councillor Xavier Jayakumar, while officiating a dengue and dog inspection, said so far 32 people have died of dengue fever in the state.

While Kajang only recorded one fatality, Shah Alam and Subang Jaya both reported six deaths whereas three died of the fever in Petaling Jaya.

Area By Municipality Reported Cases Confirmed Cases Death
MPKJ 1930 11 1
MPSA 1114 29 6
MPAJ 1161 53 2
MPSJ 1450 26 6
MBPJ 1061 14 3

“The clusters will normally spread in the early and end quarters of a year. (The cases) will then reach a mod high every two years,” Xavier said before leading the inspection team in Section 4, Petaling Jaya today.

He said uncollected rubbish and abandoned projects are the main contributors to the high number of cases.

During the inspections at Jalan 4/43 and Jalan 4/46, Xavier singled out wooden premises that were prime breeding grounds for the dengue-carrying aedes mosquitoes. Their grounds were strewn with litter in plastic bags, he noted, which should not have been allowed in the first place.

Xavier (left) and an MBPJ official

The team also went from door to door, visiting dog owners, examining licenses and checking on the well-being of the dogs.

MBPJ councilor and Petpositive NGO chairman Anthony Thanasayan said that there were dog owners who were ignorant about their pets’ nutritional needs including what to feed them as well as how often.

“Hence, today our aim is not just to knock on their doors and fine them. More importantly, we want to educate them on the ways to improve the (quality) of (the animals’ care).”

Anthony said that the council’s staff, including the Canine Advisory Team (CAT), were also given training on proper animal handling,

Also present were health officials from Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) and Klang Municipal Council (MPK). Anthony said similar inspections would be done in those municipalities soon.

He meanwhile reiterated his stand to increase the fine for animal cruelty from the current RM200 to RM10,000.

“I know the Department of Veterinary Services is on track in seeking an increase, but I suggest perhaps MBPJ can do it faster.”