Bangsar’s traffic hiccup

Bangsar map

The construction of the new flyover at the Jalan Bangsar/Jalan Trevers intersection is causing a major bottleneck as the traffic from Brickfields heading to Bangsar via Jalan Trevers is forced to squeeze through one lane, a disaster especially during rush hour as drivers tend to be more aggressive.

The new flyover was part of a RM 110m stimulus package to better the traffic dispersal system in Bangsar and Brickfields, but the current construction site is only putting a strain on the traffic flow on both sides of Jalan Bangsar and connecting roads.

“Based on the volume of cars that use the road, one lane is hardly suitable and will obviously cause jams said Faizal, a young executive working in Bangsar who drives to work every day.

He adds that during peak hours people just want to reach their destinations and disregard other road users, as they tend to lack patience and seem to be more selfish, as they cut cues, run red lights and end up blocking the other lanes at the intersections.

Another motorist said such behavior should not be acceptable, especially with the current road conditions in Bangsar and road users should take responsibility of their driving habits as it affects everybody and they should stop pointing fingers.

Commuters are advised to use alternate routes to ease congestion until the roads are fully operational again.

To voice your concern to DBKL, email [email protected] or alternatively call +603-2617 9064