MPSJ’s youth convoy of hope

Some 150 youths joining MPSJ’s 2010 Jom Konvoi to Mersing will be exposed to various inspirational and practical activities such as experience sharing and entrepreneur workshop in its 3-day expedition .

Entering the forth year, the Jom Konvoi motorcycle convoy will see six constructive modules commence throughout the expedition from May 28 -30 in Air Papan, Mersing.

“The “youth hate drugs” session will feature experience sharing with the former drug addicts, while in “youth entrepreneur” module will highlight the potential market value of planting Roselle and ways to do it,” the event chief coordinator Azfarizal Abdul Rashid told media after the launch.

He said some local guest speakers will be invited to talk on the topic of youth as the country’s future to instil awareness that a developing country like Malaysia can make a significant contribution to the world.

Other activities include blood donation and beach cleaning.

Azfalrizal said the event is opened for youth aged from 18-35 with a minimum fee of RM25.

“The number of participants recorded is the highest this year, with about 150 people joining, compared to 100 people last year.

“The expedition aims to engage the younger generation and get them involved in healthy activities.”

Jom Konvoi is primarily organised by MPSJ with the partnership from Klang andAmpang Jaya municipal councils and as well as Mersing district council.