KTMB ‘women-only’ coach on trial runs next week

KMTB commuter service will try its women-only coach service starting next Wednesday throughout the Sentul-Port Klang route to ensure the comfort of female passengers.

The middle coach of each train will be designated  “ladies-only” but it is optional for the passengers to choose which coach they prefer to go in.

“Other coaches will remain as co-ed coaches,” KTMB’s public relations manager Mohd Fazil Ismail said.

He said this will tackle the  issue of male passengers taking advantage of the ladies especially during peak hours when trains are usually packed.

“Earlier this month we carried out a survey in Midvalley and KL stations with 30 random passengers. The result shown 80 percent of them agree with the separation, while the other 20 percent are more concern of the short number of train,”

When asked whether large numbers of complaints were lodged on this issue, Fazil said only a few cases were heard, but the company decided to react pro-actively.

He denied that the idea was brainchild by the Women’s Ministry, saying this is KTMB’s initiative.

Some responded well to the measure, saying this brings them a sense of security.

“I think it’s good. You won’t face those foreigners who are staring at you strangely again,” Maple Chiok, a KTMBfrequent passenger said.

However some bloggers called it a “step backward” for KTMB to practice such “ancient rules and thinking.”

The blogger, who left a comment in a popular mainstream paper’s blog, instead asked the authorities to educate women about dealing with sexual harassment.

According to KTMB, the trial will run for 1 week and the response will be assessed before they decide whether to further expand it to some other commuter route.