Bangkok: Anwar predicts early elections


The Malaysian opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim, predicts the 13th General Election in Malaysia to be held sooner than expected.
Invited by Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand or FCCT, Anwar shared his views on the latest political developments in Malaysia in Evening with Anwar Ibrahim.
In reply to a journalist’s question whether the general election will be held earlier or later, he mentioned meeting of opposition coalition leaders in Pakatan Rakyat’s on Monday which predicted that the election will be held very soon “either in May or June” because the government’s policy of 500 RM assistance per family will be completed probably by the end of March.
Anwar said he told opposition leaders “I have worked with them (the government) before, I can read them better. I think that must be sooner than you predict.”

Anwar also said the election campaign period in Malaysia will be one week, “It is the shortest in the world.”
“But we have confidence, that’s why we have survived. The sooner they go for this (election), I believe the sooner Dato’ Najib Razak will be proclaimed as the new leader of the opposition.” Anwar claimed.

During the meeting with the press, Anwar also said he plans to meet the PAS leader when he returns home for an explanation of PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat asking Anwar to retract his support for Israel’s security that was quoted in a Wall Street Journal interview on 31st January or sue the newspaper if it quoted him inaccurately.

According to the constitution, the five years term of the current Malaysian government led by Barisan Nasional (BN) will end in March next year.


Video by Pongpan Prachatai, Citizen Journalist