Life zone comes alive


November 17, 2011 Thursday, a beautician, Tey Xue Li, organised a yearly party for the ex-drug addicts. A few of the her friends joined in to have fun with the inmates ie drum circle, Laughter Therapy, balloon sculpture .

Intan Life Zone Welfare Society is registered as welfare society and formed in 2004. It is supported by The Ministry of Health and The Malaysian AIDS council.The societyruns 3 separate programmes:

(1) The Needle and Syringe Exchange Programme (NSEP)

Its primary aim is to promote harm reduction amongst Intravenous Drug Users (IDU) as HIV/AIDS spreads mainly through IDU.

The programme also aims to eliminate discrimination, stigmatisation and prejudice related to HIV/AIDS and to promote and protect human rights for those infected and affected.

(2) Life Zone Shelter Home

This programme reaches out to the poor and needy and provides shelter to the homeless. It offers counselling and motivation activities for residents with the aim of channelling them back to society.

(3) Dignity Homes for Men, Women and Children

It provides a fully residential hospice for those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. Each resident goes through a one-year programme that include councelling and group therapy with emphasis placed on restoring their dignity and self-assurance. 

Video by Siew Mei, Citizen Journalist