20 years of Communication & Leadership

The Toastmasters club is a famous for confidence building. The club primarily focuses on one’s ability to communicate, persuade and lead.

The objective of the organization is to help people harness the skill to tell one’s story, shape a better tomorrow and point others in the same direction hence shaping leaders of the community.

The Johor Bahru Toastmasters club recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. 

As the Toastmasters club is open to the man on the street, Cindy Wong, the organizing chairperson said in “The toastmaster club can help people develop competence, confidence and character.”

The Johor Bharu Toastmasters club is the first public speaking support group of its kind.

James Saravanan, the president of JB Toastmasters 2011-2012 in his speech said “The toastmasters has helped me fulfill my inner most desires and acknowledge the talents within him. “

A number of their past presidents together with founders of the club from as far as New Zealand.

Numerous members gave heart-warming speeches of how the club managed to help them in various aspects of their lives. The team spiritedness among the club members were strong and resolute as they have experienced many years of shared passion. 

The Johor Bharu Toastmasters Club was celebrated with much candor, delight and passion.


Video by Lee-Jean, Citizen Journalist