The Orang Laut plight: Rubbing salt on to the wound

Some Orang Laut from Stulang Laut were relocated to Kampung Pasir Salam.

According to Saleh Bin Gerah, 46, they have been there 30 years, but still they do not have water and eletricity.

They have to buy water for drinking, cooking and washing.  Each gallon costs RM5, at times two gallons are not enough for a day.

He said they have applied for housing and fishing nets, but all were rejected.

Instead some government officers came to ask for fish for free.

There are over 30 families on Kampung Pasir Salam.  The younger generation of Orang Laut felt they do not have enough to survive on.

Video by: Christine Leong, Citizen Journalist Malaysia