HRP/ Hindraf fear children will be converted

The government has decided to place three children who were recently highlighted for eating sand and pebbles due to their poverty, in welfare home.

Although the government is a party to The Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) 1994 & Bali Consensus On Partnerships With And For Children In The East Asia And Pacific Region (2005), they seemed to have breached their consensus by not keeping the family together.

The children and parents have been forcibly separated by the Welfare Department. It is alleged that the mother of the three children have been denied permission to visit them. 

The plight and cry of the children …The eldest child Yogeswary (10) wrote a full page note in an English language daily recently expressing their hope to be with their mum, “Kami suka ibu. Kami rindu ibu. Kami nak balik dan biar kami balik” ( Ref : NST 19/6/10)

According to the HRP / Hindraf women’s wing representatives, there are fears that these children will be converted to Islam if they are placed at the Welfare home, as in previously reported cases.

Video by Citizen Journalist, Arvind Raj