Resilient Makcik Nur

Makcik Nur can only pushes herself around on the floor because the wheelchair is no longer useable. One of her legs have been amputated due to diabetes.

Pakcik Aziz sit

s on his bed in the tiny, stuffy, hot living room all day because his legs are weak and his eyes can’t see due to cataract.

The zinc roof leaks when it rains. There is hardly space to move around. Yet, there are 6 adults and 6 children living in the house. 

Makcik Nur is the most hospitable, friendly and nice lady. She was moved to tears when the ADun for Air Putih in Penang visited her humble home to deliver two wheelchairs, some cash and food items.

CJ Lilian visited Makcik Nur and had a lengthy chat with her and her family members to understand the plight of people living in poverty. Makcik Nur’s two adopted daughters have produced six grandchildren who keep Makcik Nur cheerful every day.

Video by Chan Lilian, Citizen Journalist