PAS VP visit to Kg Skudai Kiri marred by hostile group

PAS vice president, Salahuddin Ayub scheduled visit to Kampong Skudai Kiri squatters area was marred by the presence of a unruly group, here, this afternoon.

He was invited by the affected squatters to visit their area and to seek his assistance to resolve their land related issues.

At one point, prior to reaching the squatter area, the four wheeler vehicle which carries Salahuddin and several PAS members were shoved off and was asked to leave the area by a group of hostile looking men.

The group were seen knocking at window screen of cars whom they deemed belong to PAS members and supporters and demanded that they leave the area.

Just about 15 minutes later, CJMY arrived at the Kampong Skudai Kiri squatter village and witnessed some 50 people have already converged including a dozen police personnel.

Individuals from the seemingly two opposing squatter camps were found having a shouting match and the situation was tense which necessitate the police to step in to ease off the highly charged situation.

Police personnel were also seen pacifying the agitated squatters on both sides of the opposing  camps.

Meanwhile, Johor PAS youth chief and TANAH secretary general, Suhaizan Kaiat, was present to brief reporters about the land issues related to Kampong Skudai Kiri.

He was the target of many verbal abuses thrown at him by the hostile group of villagers.

Police personnel were later seen talking to Suhaizan and reporters were then told that the police has agreed to allow Salahuddin Ayub to proceed with his brief 10 minutes visit to the village area.

Just as Salahuddin arrived, a group of men were seen blocking the road path and PAS members and supporters went over to escort him out and head straight to have a look at the squatters area.

A spokesperson for the affected Kampong Skudai Kiri squatters, Asiah Yusuf, 50, briefed Salahuddin their land related problems.

Salahuddin concluded his short visit and spoke briefly to the squatters, urging all parties not to be hostile towards one another irrespective of their political affiliation but instead work together to resolve the issue for the benefits of the whole community in the village.

He assured the squatters that he will raise the issue with the relevant ministry and find a amicable solution to resolve the related problems.

The crowd later dispersed peacefully leaving the majority of the Kampong Skudai Kiri squatters rather pleased with the outcome of Salahuddin’s visit and also his assurance in taking up the issue.

TANAH, is a movement who is involved in gathering and compiling data on land related problems faced by the people in Johor and will raise them with the state government.

The movement has been reported to be holding a peaceful public assembly outside Plaza Angsana, here, on May 5, 2012 at 2pm.