Photoblog: When yellow and green unite

12.15pm - The spirit of Bersih supporters
12.30pm - Only a 'preplanned' soccer match was happening at Dataran MBJB
12. 40pm - Traffic police on standby below the Lingkaran Dalam expressway
12. 45pm The 'Yellows' and the 'Greens' supporters at a section of Jalan Sungai Chat
12.55pm - Bersih supporters assembling at Jalan Sungai Chat road junction

1.15pm - Bersih security man doing the rallying call
1.25pm - The scene at Jalan Sungai Chat
1.40pm - The supporters crowd increases at the junction of Jalan Sungai Chat
1.50pm - Supporters starting to march towards Dataran MBJB, the main sit-in rally point
1.55pm - Highly spirited and patriotic supporters at the road pavement of Jalan Sungai Chat
2.00pm - A section of the crowd marching towards Dataran MBJB along Jalan Skudai
2.05pm - Traffic policemen at work ensuring the safety of the Bersih supporters
2.08pm - The reasons for supporting and joining the cause
2.10pm - Bersih's security man at work
2.13pm - All in a family for the love of a country
2.15pm - Supporters of Anti Lynas expressing their disapproval in a 'small' way
2. 18pm - Section of the crowd that has already assembled at Dataran MBJB
2.20pm - MBJB enforcement unit looking on at the assembled crowd in Dataran MBJB
2.22pm - Observers from the Johor Bar Council
2.28pm - Bersih supporters begin their 'Sit-In Protest' in Dataran MBJB
2.33pm - Supporter expressing his thoughts through his art of chinese calligraphy
2.40pm - 'Their shared dream'
2.44pm - 'The love for the nation'
2.50pm - Even the face is not spared when comes to supporting a cause
3.00pm - The scene in Dataran MBJB
3.05pm - Language is no barrier, unity at work

Himpunan Hijau and Bersih supporter at Dataran MBJB

4.25pm - 'Family' photo session