Photo blog: St Patrick’s festival mammoth turn out

Setting up for the biggest St. Patrick's bash ever
The Guinness girls in full force ready to serve their guests
A section of the 10,000 crowd that swarmed Changkat Bukit Bintang for the largest Guinness St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Asia
Bikers join the thrilling bash
We celebrate everything Irish!
Not so Irish, Irish dancers
A serious funny business
After all the drinking, we need bigger glasses to see clearly
Here's a toast to St. Patrick's Day celebration
A day of Guinness girls and Guinness boys
Intoxicated with the joy of street dancing
The Zen


Sober-looking party people
An invitation to join the largest St. Patrick's celebration in Asia
A little less than sober... but happy people


The Guinness St Patrick’s Day street party celebration at Changkat Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur recently drew a massive crowd of over 10,000 party-goers, both locals and tourists, making it the largest St Patrick’s celebration in Asia this year.

St Patrick’s Day is an Irish celebration occurring held  yearly on March 17 of to mark the Saint Patrick’s feast day and the anniversary of his death. However it is celebrated around the world and in Malaysia it is a day of celebration for being Irish and enjoying everything Irish.