Photoblog: Najib announced day-off for all Sikh civil servants on Vaisakhi day

Bangra at Vasakhi

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak started the evening event by placing his hand to the grinding stone to grind henna in the presence of a host of Punjabi community leaders and at the Vaisakhi celeberations at the Dataran Merdeka.

Najib walking towards the rostrum
PM Najib's speech

At about 8.45pm, Prime Minister Najib was ushered to the stage to make his speech to the Sikh community

In his speech, Najib praised the community for their contribution towards the cultural fabric of Malaysia.

He said, the BN government had disbursed out allocations amounting to some RM16 million to the community since 2008.

He urged the Sikh community to have ‘vishwas’ or trust in him for the future, making reference to the earlier speech made by Jagir Singh, president of the Malaysian Gurdwaras Council expressing his indirect hope to see Najib being returned as the next prime minister after GE13.

As a token of his appreciation for the Sikh community support, he announced that all Sikh civil servants will be allowed a day off work on Vaisakhi day, which normally falls on or around April 14, each year.

PM Najib alluded that the Dataran Merdeka was meant to be used for such peaceful merry-making event and not for violent demonstrations.

Vegetarian food being dished out.

Merry making to musical beats of bangra


CJ Kuna Chelliah

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