House buyers give developer an ultimatum

House buyers in Taman Desa Kempas, Skudai, here are fustrated with the housing developer who has failed to complete its project after twelve years.

Chairman for the Taman Desa Kempas house buyers action committee, Ee Cheng Lai said, the developer has been given an ultimatum to complete the remaining ten percent of the project by June this year otherwise, the house buyers threatened to march in to parliament house to see the minister concerned when the parliament is in session.

House buyer Yap Siew Khie, 39, said, her family is forced to rent a house costing RM500 a month over the last few years while waiting for the completion of the house they bought.

On top of that, the family has to pay for the bank loan costing another RM400 a month and find it taxing on our financial situation since my husband is self-employed and earning an irregular income, she added.

The coordinator for the Kempas public complaint centre, Suhaizan Kaiat said, the centre will monitor the project site fortnightly together with the house buyers action committee to see that the work is progressing as planned and to complete the houses by June this year as promised by the developer.

At the site were several officials from the relevant government departments and a representative from the developer declined to comment on the matter.

Komunitikini citizen journalist ran a story on this issue back in October last year.

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