Man runs amok – kills ex-wife

Residents of Taman Saga were given a rude awakening when a man ran amok killing a woman, believed to be his ex-wife, in Taman Saga, at about midnight last night.

The neigbours came out to see the commotion when they noticed a car on flames in the neighbourhood.  It is believed that the man, a backhoe driver, set the car, believed to be owned by the deceased, on fire, before gaining entry into the woman’s premises where he assaulted and murdered her in their porch.

Kota Setar acting OCPD Supt Baharom Abu said the incident occurred today at 12.17 a.m. at Jalan 6, Taman Saga here.

Baharom said the man, aged 54, became angry when the deceased, Ung, 46, refused to open the door and set fire to her Perodua MyVi parked in front of the house before breaking into the house through the back door, armed with a ‘parang’.

Ung and her children, ran for the front door but he caught up with them and attacked them in the porch.  Ung sustained injures to her head, body and arms, died at the scene.

Two of the daughters were also injured in the attack.  One suffered a broken left arm but was in stable condition, while the other had head injuries and a broken right arm and was in critical condition. Both were admitted to the Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital here.

Two other daughters escaped unharmed.

Neighbours, devastated by the incident said that there was so much of blood.  Some splatted on their cars and porch.

One of the neighbours, Maria Arokiam, 50, said the body was bagged but only taken away at about 4am.  The narrow roads in the area made it hard for the authorities to take the body away, as it was cramped with cars, fire engines, ambulance, police cars, etc.  “It was really a sight of chaos”, he said.