CJMY Exclusive: Kua Kia Soong on his latest book

In a recent exclusive interview, Kua Kia Soong, Director of SUARAM, shared his insights and highlights on his latest book –  The End of Barisan Nasional? Malaysian Political Issues –  with Citizen Journalists Malaysia (CJMY).

According to Kua, freedom of expression, assembly and association is being systematically eroded from this country. He questioned whether Barisan Nasional, under the leadership  of Najib Razak is capable of reform.

Some of the reforms regarding peaceful assembly viz Bersih 3 were being breached.

“What rights has the police to fire tear gas when the people were dispersing? What rights has the police to take away memory cards of journalists?” He calls it an “unnecessary invasion of citizens and journalist rights.”

He hoped his book will be read and analysed and asks readers to think about issues faced by the country at this point in time and about moving forward to a brighter future for Malaysia.

The End Of Barisan Nasional? is available at all MPH and leading bookstores.

Video by, Alan Chai, Citizen Journalist