Athma Shanti prayers for Sri Lankan war victims

A special prayer for perished souls of Sri Lankan war victims was held at Arulmigu Sree Meenakshi Sundareswaran Temple in Penang organized by Malaysian Ceylonese Congress recently.

They were among thousands around the world to mourned the death of war victims in Sri Lanka during the last days of the war between the Liberation of Tamil Tigers (LTTE) and the Sri Lankan Army.

Chairperson of Malaysian Ceylonese Congress Penang Branch, Jayaratnam Seevaratnam appealed to the Malaysian Government to help the needy Tamils in Sri Lanka who are desperately in need of financial assistance.

He was also hopeful that in the event that there may be a chance of a UN sponsored Independent investigation, Malaysian Government will reconsider its previous stand of abstention.

United Nation report found that large number of Tamil women were assaulted and raped by Sri Lankan forces and has left over 90,000 Tamil war widows and evidences of detained Tamil women used as sex slaves.

Video by, Saminathan, Citizen Journalist