The almost extinct traditional char koay teow

The traditional way of frying koay teow over a charcoal fire has been practiced by Tan Chooi Hong, 71, for about 50 years.

He managed his stall, located at Jalan Siam, Penang with his son. They operate business from 3pm to 8.30pm everyday except Sunday.

Moey, 50, a regular weekly patron of Tan’s stall can attest to the unique taste of the food due to the usage of charcoal instead of gas in the process of frying the koay teow.

Another customer Loo Lai Hock, 56, likes the texture of the koay teow and finds it reasonably priced too.

Located at Jalan Siam - one of Penang's most popular traditionally prepared delicacy.
The famous Penang charcoal-fried koay teow.
Owner of the 50-year-old business, Tan Chooi Hong, 71
Cooking the charcoal way.
Egg shells kept aside to be used as fertiliser.
50-years of passion - Tan cooks every dish like it was his last.
And never fails to entertain his customers with a warm chat.
Tan believes in keeping prices low so that more people can enjoy his food.
Easily accessible to anyone.
Wok heated with coal.
Customers aplenty.


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