Lorong: Putting the song back into Chow Kit

Almost everyone in the country has heard of Chow Kit Road being the infamous grounds of sleazy ‘red light’ district, filled with gangsters, violence and drugs are the majority’s vastly negative perception about the road.

What about the children and teenagers who stay in Chow Kit Road? Many think that they have no future and are trouble-makers. Well, a group of teenagers from KL Krash Pas (KLKP) group, hope to change that wrong perception of the public through a play titled ‘Lorong The Musical’.

KLKP  is a drop-in centre for youth staying in and around the vicinity of Chow Kit Road.  The musical play will be presented entirely by them, guided by experienced talents in the musical theatre industry.

The musical play  is about the lives of three youths who endured the challenges of living in a high-risk, so called ‘red light’ area of Kuala Lumpur, the notorious streets of Chow Kit. They seek to fend off negative perceptions of Chow Kit and proof that there is still beauty and hope in Chow Kit.

KLKP had presented their idea of the play to Sejuta Impian, a reality show by Primeworks Studio and TV3 and they were chosen as one of the recipients of the RM1 million Dana Belia 1Malaysia fund. They received RM20,000 funds and with that, set out to realize the musical theatre project L.O.R.O.N.G this year.

‘Lorong, the Muscial Play’ will be performed on May 29, 30 and 31, at The Actors Studio, Lot 10. Tickets are are priced at RM30, RM48 and RM58. Call 017 768 3865 or 010 421 7397 for details.