Call to establish RCI in Sabah

PKR Sabah will hold a protest on June 2, 2012 duped as ‘Duduk dan Tuntut’ (Sit and Demand) in Tanjung Aru from 2pm to 4pm as planned despite being given run around by relevant authorities since May 21.

They are poised to carry on with the demand for a Royal Commissions of Inquiry (RCI) in spite of  United Pasokmomogun Kadazan Dusun Murut Organisation (UPKO) Bernard Giluk Dompok and United Sabah Party (PBS) parliamentarian Maximus  Ongkili having said last week that they “hoped the prime minister would announce the setting up of this RCI when he visits Sabah early next month”.

According to organising chairperson of ‘Duduk dan Tuntut’ Dr Chong Eng Leong, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has visited Sabah twice since the Federal Cabinet had agreed to the RCI on 8th Feb 2012 yet was silent about it on both occasions, and in fact had stated in Kuala Lumpur between these two visits that he was still “considering” the RCI. This dilly-dallying showed that Federal Govt is not sincere in solving this perennial issue.

This RCI is about the illegal immigrants and Project IC in Sabah. Sabahans have been crying foul over this since 1996 but Federal Govt would not listen.

Sabah’s population registered extra-ordinary increase since 1970 and this was reflected in the unnatural/unrealistic increase in Sabah’s Bumiputra
population increase.

Chong also said Sabahans want this RCI to save Sabah from being reverse-taken over by foreigners. Sabahans want to save Sabah and inadvertently save Malaysia from disintegration.