A native fishing system in Ulu Kimanis, Papar

Out of the love for nature and to preserve it for the younger generation, Ambrose Lajumin, took upon himself, to build a sanctuary which promotes the native tagal fishing system with a sustainable approach.

The sanctuary which is located by the Ulu Kimanis River near Kampung Toboon, Ulu Kimanis, Papar.

The villagers pays a monthly subscription of RM10.00 and another RM10.00 as an entrance fee, whenever they enter the sanctuary.

The sanctuary provides the members a getaway from the daily routine and allows them to participate in a fishing system which is popularised by the native Dusuns.

In moving forward, Lajumin also plans to erect basic facilities and camping sites for visitors.

The fish breeding at the river
Andrew Lajumin
A group photo with the villagers
Resting before proceeding to fish
The catch