WCC Penang: Prevention of child sexual abuse workshop

A child sexual abuse prevention workshop titled ‘Be Smart and Be Safe’ – Bijak itu Selamat, was organised by the Women’s Centre for Change (WCC) of Penang, recently.

Some 70 primary school counselling teachers from Penang attended the workshop where information pertaining to child sexual abuse were shared by WCC programme director, Prema Devaraj.

Beside sharing information, Prema said, the WCC’s ‘Be Smart and Be Safe’ – Bijak Itu Selamat package were introduced to the participants.

The package contains various interesting teaching tools to aid counselling teachers in educating school children on the subject of child sexual abuse.

WCC also teaches the participants on how to keep primary school going children safe from sexual abuses.

Prema shared WCC’s belief that children are sexually abused due to their naive, guileless and defenseless characters.

She said, teachers do spend a great deal of time with the children as compared to their parents, hence teachers do play a crucial role is preventing child being sexually abused.

Later, WCC Executive Director, Loh Cheng Kooi, spoke briefly to citizen Journalist Malaysia (CJMY) about the roles played by WCC, the Child Abuse act, and how WCC can play its roles effectively.

WCC is a a non-governmental, non-profit organisation dedicated to the elimination of violence against women and children and the promotion of women’s equality.

For those who needs to know more about WCC can visit their website at http://www.wccpenang.org



Video by Citizen Journalist  Thambi Rajan Rajagopal

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